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Annual Conference

Saturday, April 21, 7:30 am - 4 pm, ACCESS Schools, 1500 N. Mississippi St., Little Rock 

Registration is open!  

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Speaker Bios

Jeryca Einhorn - IEP Process from the Beginning


Jeryca Einhorn is currently the director of special education services for the Arkansas Public School Resource Center. She provides special education resources and consult to charter schools in Arkansas.

Before joining APSRC, she worked as the Intermediate 1 teacher at ACCESS, a private school in Little Rock for children with special needs. She also taught in the Greenbrier School District as an inclusion and resource teacher. Jeryca is a published author of a book called “Flying Lessons,” which she hopes to one day turn into a series of books. She has a passion for working with students with special needs and their teachers. She has been a coach/volunteer for Special Olympics for 10 years. She is a former board member of the AR CEC and has presented in 2015 and 2016.


Janice Edmonson - Must Have Apps and Tools for Kids with Learning Disabilities

Janice Edmonson, M.S., CCC-SLP, Technology and Resource Center Coordinator for the Evaluation and Resource Center, has worked at ACCESS since 1999. She is responsible for recommending compensatory technology to students with learning disabilities, consulting with the evaluation and resource center team regarding recommendations and programming for students, training students and parents on technology implementation, and providing professional development on educational technology resources. She also coordinates the Academic Therapy program.

Edmonson began her career as a speech-language pathologist at ACCESS. She graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 1999 with a master’s degree in communicative disorders. She received a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology, with a minor in psychology, from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She was a graduate intern at ACCESS for two years, working in the preschool and in the academy during its inaugural year. Edmonson specializes in educational technology, remediation of reading and written expression difficulties, and curriculum development. She is certified in The DuBard Association Method® and is knowledgeable about numerous software applications beneficial to students with learning disabilities. She collaborates with ACCESS teachers, helping them implement technology in their classrooms. She also implements compensatory tools for ACCESS students on an as-needed basis.


Dr. Sabine Falls - Assessment and Intervention for Students with Dyslexia and Other Reading Disorders

Dr. Sabine Falls, clinical psychologist for ACCESS®, has been in practice for 24 years. She performs comprehensive evaluations at the ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center (AERC) for children, teenagers and young adults diagnosing disabilities such as attention deficit disorder(ADD), specific learning disorders (dyslexia, mathematic disorder, disorder of written expression) and autism spectrum disorders. She is also experienced in diagnosing and treating children who are suspected of having anxiety and depression.

In addition to evaluations, Dr. Falls provides cognitive-behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy, parent trainings, and family therapy. Additional services provided through the AERC include Cogmed Working Memory Training ™ and academic therapy.


Julia Frost - Parenting an Adult with a Learning Disability


Julia Frost has been the director of the Jones Learning Center at the University of the Ozarks since July 1994, a comprehensive support program for students with learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. Julia is a nationally certified school psychologist and frequently presents at both state and national conferences.

From 1986 through 1991 she was the director of assessment in the Center. She worked eight years as a school psychologist in Arkansas public schools and two years as a music and English teacher. She has served as the president of the Arkansas School Psychology Association and as a board member for the Arkansas Association for Higher Education and Disability. She served for two years on the Adult Topics Committee of the Learning Disabilities Association of America and has been its chair for the past five years.

She is married and has three adult children, two of whom have helped her to experience more closely the challenges of living with disabilities.


Victoria Jones - Sight Words MEMORIZED: An Orton-Gillingham Teaching Strategy That WORKS!


Victoria Jones is a certified Orton-Gillingham Level 3 Master Instructor who holds a duel license to teach general and special education for Pre-K through 6th Grade students. Victoria taught in Texas and Virginia public school systems. Currently, she is an independent consultant working with the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education. 

 She travels the country training educational personnel how to implement Orton-Gillingham teaching strategies to improve, enhance, and support school-wide and system-wide structured literacy programs. Victoria is diagnosed with dyslexia, which drives her passion in bringing innovative and reliable interventions and strategies to students of all ages. 


Kaci Smith - Technology: The Great Equalizer

Kaci's involvement with learning disabilities encompasses both her personal and professional life. Not only does Kaci work as special educator, she is also a mother of a teenager with learning disabilities. Kaci notes that her students and her son appear to be like any of their nondisabled peers but have a daily struggle.  Her motivation is to improve collaboration with agencies and to become a better advocate for her son and her students.

A special education teacher for 21 years at the junior high level, Kaci believes the single most important part of a student's IEP is their transition plan.  She strives to help bridge this path between the school, community resources, parents and students. 


Robin Thomas - The WORD (What Our Records Demand) on IEP and 504 planning


Robin Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Arkansas at Monticello and a certification in Special Education.  After completing her studies, Robin taught special education classes for 3rd-5th grades and was an educator for 6th-8th grades at an alternative school. She has a passion for working with young adults and coached high school softball for 15 years.

After teaching, Robin was able to apply her passion for special education and coaching in centers for children with disabilities at ICAN of AR, where she worked as the director of sports.  Robin has been a Parent Training Information mentor/advocate for 5 years for The Center for Exceptional Families and earlier for the Arkansas Disability Coalition. 

Robin has a strong passion for helping families on any level, but she excels in the area of dyslexia, an area she navigated through on her own when her son was diagnosed in 1999. After that, Robin worked tirelessly to equip herself and provide the best education her son could attain in the public school system. Robin continued her education to help families of children with disabilities by getting certified in Dyslexia Therapy. This certification allows her to teach people who are still learning to read or who have a learning disability with reading, spelling and writing skills. 

When she’s not making a tremendous impact on families, Robin enjoys spending time with her husband, Todd, whom she has been married to for 34 years.  Robin is the care giver to her 85 year old mother. Todd and Robin have three children and numerous others they have raised and is a Menna to 7+ grandkids.


Lorena Walker - IEP/504 for Diverse Language Speakers

Lorena Walker is the multicultural specialist for The Center for Exceptional Families. Lorena holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communications and is TEFL ESL certified. She spent two years as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher in multiple schools in Honduras. For the last year, Lorena has worked as an assistant to the State Personnel Development Grant for the Arkansas Department of Education. 

Lorena Walker es la especialista multicultural de The Centre for Exceptional Families. Lorena tiene una licenciatura en comunicaciones de voz y está certificada por TEFL ESL. Pasó dos años como maestra de inglés como segunda lengua (ESL) en varias escuelas en Honduras. Durante el último año, Lorena ha trabajado como asistente de la Subvención de Desarrollo de Personal del Estado para el Departamento de Educación de Arkansas.

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Did You Know

Learning disabilities should not be confused with other disabilities such as intellectual disabilities, autism, deafness, blindness and behavioral disorders. None of these conditions are learning disabilities. In addition, they should not be confused with lack of educational opportunities, such as frequent changes of schools or attendance problems. Also, children who are learning English do not necessarily have a learning disability.