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Annual Conference

Register now for LDAA's 2016 annual conference - Saturday, August 13 in Bentonville. Lisa Dieker, Pegasus Professor and Lockheed Martin Eminent Scholar Chair at the University of Central Florida, will be the keynote speaker. Her primary area of research focuses on collaboration between general and special education with a specific interest in the unique opportunities that exist for students in urban and rural settings. She also has a passion for how technology and simulators, TeachLivE™, can be used to impact teacher preparation and student learning.

For more information about the conference or to register, click here. To register online, click here.

Vendor tables and sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, click here or to sign up to sponsor online, click here.

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Did You Know

Difficulty with basic reading and language skills are the most common learning disabilities. As many as 80 percent of students with learning disabilities have reading problems.