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LDAA Officers 

  • President: Kaci Smith, Special Education Teacher, George Junior High, Springdale Public Schools
  • Vice President, Kimberly Newton, MS, LPE-I, independently licensed psychological examiner for ACCESS
  • Treasurer and Past President: Doris Pierce, Associate Director, Disability Resource Center, University of Central Arkansas
  • Secretary, Cindi Holleman, Disability Counselor, Pulaski Technical College

Board Members

  • Dina Andrews, Advocate
  • Reed Claiborne, Access Consultant, University of Arkansas at Little Rock – Disability Resource Center
  • Radeanna Garcia, Financial Aid Coordinator-LRS at Pulaski Technical College
  • Connie Steele, Disability Counselor, Northwest Arkansas Community College
  • Jean Swillum, Instructor at Pulaski Technical College
  • Christy Williams, Academic Therapist at ACCESS 


Advisory Board Members

  • Nathan Green, Vice President of Public Relations, inVeritas
  • Rebecca Walker, Special Education Instructional Specialist, Bentonville School District


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Did You Know

Learning disabilities should not be confused with other disabilities such as intellectual disabilities, autism, deafness, blindness and behavioral disorders. None of these conditions are learning disabilities. In addition, they should not be confused with lack of educational opportunities, such as frequent changes of schools or attendance problems. Also, children who are learning English do not necessarily have a learning disability.